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The Right Track Nursery,
Hertford East Station,
Mill Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1SB

Baggage Allowance

The Right Track Nursery is ideally situated at Hertford East Station,
providing the perfect location for Hertford commuters to drop off and
pick up their children.

Formula Milk:
The nursery takes care of providing all formula milk for your baby. We will go through what type of formula is required on settling of your baby. All we ask is, if parents can provide the sterilised bottles for each day.

The nursery takes care of providing all nappies, wipes and cream for your child. Each child will be given a separate cream for Health and Safety reasons. All nursery staff adhere to a strict guideline of high standards and wear aprons and gloves when carrying out nappy and toilet duties.

Personal Property:
Please refrain from sending your child to nursery in jewellery. Small earrings will be permitted although not encouraged.

Children may be asked to bring toys etc to the nursery for theme based activities from time to time. These need to be clearly marked. Please discourage your child from bringing a different toy every day, as this causes upset if they get lost or broken. Comfort toys and blankets are welcome at the nursery at any time. Dummies should be clearly marked, spares would be helpful.

For good hygiene practice and health care, all children will be given a toothbrush. Our children will brush their teeth after lunch as part of their personal development. We respectfully request that children are dressed appropriately for all nursery activities. Girls find it restrictive for movement in tight skirts, and tops and jeans absorb and hold water. A complete change of clothes is required for all children.

Slippers are essential for wearing in the nursery.

We encourage our children's independence in dressing and the putting on and taking off of outdoor shoes, these items should be suitable for all types of nursery play.

Please ensure all clothing is clearly marked with your child's name.