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The Right Track Nursery,
Hertford East Station,
Mill Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1SB

Platform One - 0 to 2 years

We encourage our children to learn through play in a structured and well planned nursery curriculum.

First Stop is our baby room - This room provides care and stimulation for your baby to develop at his/her own pace, reaching milestones in a safe and caring environment.

Next stop is where our toddlers can start to explore the world around them. Connections, brings all our children together to enjoy imaginative and creative play. Your child can participate in a wide variety of activities under the guidance and care of their personal Key Worker, who will record achievements as well as listening to and observing your child as they play.

Babies and young children are getting to know themselves and what they can do. Having close relationships with those around them, promotes self assurance and a sense of belonging in our nursery, as a secure base to learn and try new experiences.

Our nursery offers babies and young children good nutrition, play, rest and a high standard of care accommodated so that their growth and development are assured.

At The Right Track Nursery, your child can recharge their batteries in our tranquil sleeping area, with fresh bedding allocated to each individual child. Our qualified nursery staff will watch over and care for every child as they sleep for reassurance, for both child and parent.

Creative Development:

Using a variety of materials such as paint, clay, dough and other mediums, children will be able to express their creativity in a safe and caring environment.

Music, dance and role play will encourage children to express ideas and feelings.

These will be readily available throughout the day.

Physical Development:
Your child will gain control over large movements to run, jump and hop etc. These can be mastered both inside the nursery and outside in our large well equipped play area. Their small movements will be enhanced to use a range of tools and objects and materials. This will aid coordination and gain control when using items such as scissors, construction toys and in creativity.

In addition, our children will learn to appreciate the importance of and how to look after their bodies. Our daily routines encourage the children's awareness of personal hygiene.