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Travel Sickness

Children seem to be a breeding ground for the most unsavoury of illnesses. At The Right Track Nursery, we believe that it is important to make each parent aware of the potential bugs and germs making their way through the nursery.

This allows you to make potentially alternative arrangements for your child, should she/he fall victim to anything from Chicken Pox to stomach upsets.

At the nursery, we ask our parents to work together with us, notifying us as soon as illness strikes. We will then display potential illnesses on our 'Bug Alert' notice board giving all parents as much warning as possible with details of symptoms and early warning signs.

Children will not be asked to remain at home for outbreaks of Head Lice, but we request that children are treated accordingly. Parents must inform a member of the nursery staff as soon the 'visitors' are found.

The Right Track Nursery requests that should your child be unwell, that she/he be kept at home until no longer contagious or for a minimum of 24 hours having been prescribed medication. The Nursery will then continue to administer the medication by the designated First Aider. Obviously, if your child is 'under the weather' you are free to bring your child to nursery and we will monitor them, calling immediately should they deteriorate throughout the day allowing us to maintain the highest possible standards of care for the health of your child.

A comprehensive copy of all our nursery policies is available at any time for you to read in the lobby. A parent pack is given to you on registration of your child at The Right Track Nursery.