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Platform Two - 2 to 5 years

Then itís Full Steam Ahead on Platform 2, as our Nurseries rooms for language and literacy, mathematical skills and knowledge and understanding of the world, take them on a nonstop express destination to 'big school'.

These rooms are equipped with a variety of hands on equipment for children aged between 2 to 5 years to explore a wealth of literacy, mathematical development, and science in a fun and stimulating setting. Our nursery uses the 'Learning and Development' guidance of the Early Years Foundation Stage. These support and enable practitioners to provide opportunities for children to play, learn and succeed in an atmosphere of care and feeling valued.

Communication, Language and Literacy:
By talking to and listening to others, your child can enhance their vocabulary and understand the appropriate use of new words. Using new words to describe experiences, your child will begin to understand the sounds and letters that make up words. They will use books both as a source of information and story, listening to and talking about stories. Your child will know the purposes for which we use writing and encouraged to make their own attempts at writing.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:
Your child will begin to build concepts on how much, how many, how far and how big. This includes, understanding numbers and counting. Patterns and shapes will be investigated so your child can begin to understand parts of objects and the amount of space taken up by objects.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:
In this area, your child will find out about the natural and manmade world and how they work, compliment and affect each other. Children will begin to learn about their past, present and links between them. They will begin to explore their locality and special features and, their own and other cultures.

On Platform 2 we support children using a range of ICT to include cameraís, photocopiers, CD players and tape recorders in addition to computers.